Where to buy real Ephedra Sinica

Where to buy real ephedra sinica

ephedra sinica


First off, why are you even looking for ephera sinica? Ephedra sinica is just a form of ephedra. Ephedrine alkaloids are what you need to be looking for. They are the active ingredient in ephedra diet pills and the reason these products are so effective at burning fat. Ephedra products 99% of the time simply consisted of ephedrine and caffeine + junk. Luckily for you we have a source where you can buy real ephedrine. Good luck finding ephedra sinica or any other form of ephedra that is actually legit, but again, why would you want to anyway? It’s simply over priced ephedrine and caffeine.

Ephedrine and caffeine (EC stack) can be obtain for as cheap as $15. Most people think ephedrine is banned along with ephedra however this is a myth. Ephedrine is simply not allowed to be marketed as a dietary supplement, it can still be sold, and it is allowed to be purchased.

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