Ma Huang

Many get confused when they are looking for a Ma Huang product.

Ma Huang is actually a plant – It is the plant that is also referred to as ephedra sinica. Ephedra sinica extract is the extract that was used in many popular diet pills over the years.

People love ephedra sinica because when it is combined with caffeine it creates a  thermogenic effect. A thermogenic effect = burning fat fast.

What most people don’t realize is that the active extracts that are found in these diet pills is actually ephedrine alkaloids.

So, ephedrine alkaloids are the active alkdaloids of the ephedra sinica/Ma Haung plant – Get it?

So what’s the point here: Ephedrine is the active ingredient in Ma Huang/Ephedra diet pills. Ephedrine and caffeine are the two main ingredients you need to purchase in order to burn fat fast.

Ma Huang is just a plant, and the concentration of ephedrine alkaloids determines the potency of the extract. That’s why there are so many crappy & phony ephedra diet pills on the market today – A lot of the manufacturers are using Ma Huang/Ephedra extracts that contain no ephedrine alkaloids, making it useless.

Lucky for us we can now buy PURE Ephedrine, and use it with caffeine to burn fat – at about half the cost of an “ephedra diet pill” (90% of these on the market today are PHONY)

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion. Ma Huang may not be available to buy as a diet pill in 2012 due to new regulations, however ephedrine is still able to be purchased.

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